Car subscriptions are becoming more and more popular among consumers, but do they really work for dealerships? When car subscriptions are set up properly with dealer profits in mind, they can be great source of passive income. However, the reality is many car subscriptions aren’t set up with dealerships in mind.

Let’s look at why the R2O Loop System by Auto Access Solutions can help your dealership profit, even in hard times.

What is a car subscription?

Car subscriptions are a different way for customers to get on the road with the cars they need. They work a little bit like a lease, with customers paying a monthly or fortnightly fee to effectively rent a car. Unlike traditional leases though, the appeal lies in the flexibility.

Some car subscriptions allow customers to pay a monthly fee and swap cars regularly, however these are rarely profitable for the dealer. R2O’s Loop System, however, is designed with maximum dealer profits in mind while still giving customers affordable vehicle options.

An Established Subscription Service

Firstly, if your dealership has access to the R2O Loop System, you’re getting an experience and a subscription service that works. At Auto Access Solutions, we’ve had 14 years experience in the trade, and 40 years in the motor and auto business. With this, you’re getting experience and knowledge of how the business really works and what dealers want. We’ve built our subscription service in a way that makes it easy for dealers to manage, and even easier to earn passive income.

Passive Income for Up to 10 Years

With the Loop System, dealerships can own the assets for up to 10 years, ensuring while the car is in the customer’s hands, you’re earning passive income with very little work. Our system gives you easy reporting, and a customer management centre that takes care of all customer relations, payment collections and reporting.

Customers can access vehicles in a variety of price brackets, meaning you can tailor your offerings to your local demographic. An example of the benefits would certainly be seen right now, with dealerships suffering reduced sales due to Covid-19 restrictions. With the Loop System, you would still be earning income from your subscription vehicles.

Getting Leads Easily

Since you’re dealing with an established car subscription service, you have the benefit of brand recognition. Leads generated through our SEO and media marketing are delivered directly to your dealership. This gives you maximum benefit for minimum effort. Other start-up subscription services don’t offer this.

Designed for Maximum Dealer Profit
When you consider all of the benefits, you can see that the Auto Access Solutions R2O Loop System is designed with dealers in mind. This doesn’t mean it’s unappealing for customers though. Here, you get the best of both worlds. Even better, once the car is delivered, the Customer Management Centre takes care of the administration, leaving you to do what you do best – put cars into the traffic !

If you’d like to talk about car subscriptions and passive income for your dealership, give Ray Shaw from Auto Access Solutions a call today on 0459 239 011.