I got a car through Tim 5/6 yes ago and they are groovy as and easy as to apply … Have recommended many people and still do .. 2 thumbs up..

Melissa Ford

I rented through Rent 2 own Cars as it was cheaper than other car rental here on Australia where I usually rent and because my sister said they were good. Well she’s right about great service and prices. No hassel. Easy check in and check out. The agents were very nice and professional. Great experience everytime.

Trail Gilbert

The staff are very reliable and knowledgeable about the car they offer and the rates were reasonable, the car not brand new but in very good shape did not smell of any smoke, or odors.

Larry Verdes

Highly recommended for first time car owners, or need a car you can rely on for everyday life, and the repayments are within your budget,rent 2 own cars will shine a light on your situation, they will give everyone a fair go, and do there best to meet your needs and answer any questions you may have, they don’t look down on your credibility good or bad ,or the type of payment you receive, respect goes both ways, as long as communication is never a issue, it’s all happy days, if you’re financially stuck with extra bills one week, just ring them ,and see what arrangements they are willing to make with u, high quality service, guaranteed to walk away with a satisfied purchase, coming from personal customer experience, best of luck on your new car.

Jam Dilligaf

I can’t say enough about “Rent 2 own Cars” team! They helped me get the exact car I wanted for way less than I expected to spend. I had some issues with an upside down loan and a bankruptcy and they still were able to help me get a car! These guys are brilliant! If there isn’t a way to make it work they will find one!! And the process was SO EASY.

Arnold Smith

R2O has given me a chance to own my track! It’s not everyday that you see people who genuinely shows interest and trust to another person for the first time. Maybe its the reason why the business is successful, because of the many people it had helped unconditionally. I would highly recommend this for those people who are having trouble financing a car.

James Green